Vaccinations and University Students

It is important to make sure you are up to date with your vaccinations before starting university. If you have missed a vaccine, it is important to catch up.

If you are starting university soon, as well as the routine immunisations you will have been offered as a baby and in primary and secondary school, the NHS also recommends that you should also have:

  • The MenACWY vaccine – which protects against serious infections like meningitis. You can ask your GP for this vaccine until your 25th birthday.
  • 2 doses of the MMR vaccine – as there are outbreaks of mumps and measles at universities. If you have not previously had 2 doses of MMR you can still ask your GP for the vaccine.

Further information on The NHS Vaccination Schedule is available to view on the website below:

NHS Vaccination Schedule for Students

For certain courses, it may be that further vaccinations are required by the university prior to your commencement of study. GPs are unfortunately unable to provide an occupational health service as part of their NHS responsibility.

In the first instance, we would advise you to contact your university who will be able to make arrangements with an occupational health provider for the provision of any immunisations which you may require following an appropriate assessment of the risk to which you are exposed.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and I wish you good luck for a bright and prosperous future.