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Our Privacy Policy

We offer a completely confidential service to all our patients regardless of age, ethnicity, religious belief or sexual orientation. The patient records will only be viewed by health professionals, ie doctors, nurses, health visitors and admin staff during the course of carrying out their duties.

We will not discuss any information about you with anyone else, unless you ask us to do so or in very exceptional circumstances where either your or another person’s safety maybe at risk. In these exceptional circumstances you will be kept fully informed. Even if you are under 16, all our staff will keep anything you tell them private, just as they would for an adult.


Some patients find having another person in the room when intimate examinations are undertaken is helpful, others find it an intrusion. Chaperones have advantages and disadvantages, and occasionally the doctor, too, would like someone to be present. During surgery hours we will always be guided by your choice, and so if you would like a chaperone, please feel free to say so, it rarely creates any difficulties, and there will be no question of the doctor being offended.

If you know in advance that an intimate examination will be needed (such as a smear test) and you would like a chaperone, just bring a friend or relative with you. If an examination is needed but you had not anticipated it, a member of staff will be happy to act as chaperon for you, or the examination can often, though not always, be delayed.

Access to Patient Information

Only healthcare professionals within the practice are able to access patient information. Any information requested by a third party will only be processed with a signed statement from the patient involved. A computer system is used to retain records and to facilitate some aspects of patient care including recall for screening procedures and printing prescriptions. If you receive a letter from the practice please do not ignore it, we are committed to improving patient care.

Derby Road Health Centre is registered under the Data Protection Act and you may be sure that all records whether written or computerised are strictly confidential.

Our Website and Submitting Information via the Internet

This website and any online surveys we publish are hosted in the UK by UK2net Group.
No patient identifiable information is ever stored on our website or the servers it resides on.

The forms provided on this website when submitted transfer information by email over the internet to a secure email address provided by the NHS. Because of this we cannot provide a guarantee of 100% security. Should you have concerns about submitting information possibly containing sensitive information we recommend you contact us either by telephone, letter or by calling into the surgery in person. 


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